QI Central

In December 2018, RCPCH is launching a new online Quality Improvement and Patient Safety hub – QI Central. The hub will feature user generated content – examples of quality improvement interventions in a variety of areas – very much like Meds IQ currently does. Specifically, the topic areas on the new hub will be:

  • Meds IQ
  • Patient Safety
  • Processes of Care
  • Patient Engagement

QI Central will have exactly the same features as Meds IQ – users will be able to submit their projects, build up content library and receive a regular bulletin.


Current Meds IQ users will be migrated to the new site so you don’t have to do anything to sign up to the new site. If you are a Meds IQ champion, you will continue to receive invites to webinars which will continue as normal.


If you have any queries of concerns about the new site, please contact medsiq@rcpch.ac.uk.


We will let you know when the new site is live!